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Monday, November 27th, 2017 - BMW
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Take your eyes off the current spy photos of a prototype of the next generation of the BMW 3 Series, perhaps the crucial model of the automaker for the next few years. Should be released at the end of 2017 or start of the list below of the year as a 2019 model. Like previous generations, the new Series 3, code-named G20, will probably end up being the reference in the small sedan sector when it comes to crucial metrics such as dynamics and performance. However, Mercedes-Benz or even Cadillac with its new small sedan offers has left BMW on the catch-up mode. The rear variant of the 2019 BMW M3 could use a connection in the Crossbreed transmission. This is a consequence of compliance with a new document from the Detroit office manufacturer, based on conversations with BMW police in the United States. UU and the key administration of Canada, Ludwig Willisch, as well as several other BMW officers.

When you look out in this car, you probably will not find anything different. In fact, it is possible that some people do not recognize this new 2019 BMW M3 because the overall appearance of this car is significantly related to the previous M3 that was introduced several years ago. However, some slight changes in the front and rear lights are used to provide the contemporary hunting sedan that will fit the most beautiful lifestyle today. For this reason, you do not have to worry that the appearance of this new 2019 BMW M3 is completely connected and a little removed from the date of your unique personal conduct in this new moment. The xenon lights on the front are going to be something that suits the type of modern lifestyle you want from this car. When you move into the car, you can find similar things inside the car if you want to evaluate it using the previous M3 era.

This is because most of the tools in this car are similar using the more mature M3 edition. However, you can continue to discover excellent capabilities in the dashboard of the 2019 BMW M3, including the LCD navigation method, the unique process audio speakers, as well as the process of web connections inside. With all the nice features you can make sure you are probably not boring driving a vehicle with this new 2019 BMW M3. detail, as well as all the features of its exterior and interior parts, you can also find other points strong, you will love such as detectors as parking and emergency braking systems for its safety features and high power sunroof on the rear sunshade again and the climate system for comfort and ease of capabilities .

These are all general points for the upcoming BMW 3 Series that will certainly make its way to the M3 and improve it. However, just in case, he is worried about taking on the BMW M3 powertrain, the details become a bit reckless. An Auto Report indicates that the new 2019 BMW M3 company will certainly have one however, a supercharged 3.0L 3.0-liter, certainly use a regular shot of water and a turbocharger to provide all the power of around 500 hp. This is not really an unlikely help because BMW is going for that shots considering drinking water in their original manufacturing vehicles and the truck with the BMW M4 GTS with the same efficiency as Audi applies the strategy of a turbocharger the imminent RS4. This indicates that it is a solid possibility.

If you feel that you need to generate this new 2019 BMW M3, then you will have to wait until the beginning of 2019 because this car will be launched all this time. The fact that BMW has not yet formally declared the launch date of this vehicle, however, it is possible to expect that the beginning of 2019 will be the moment when this car is likely to be launched; as well as several of its predecessors that were introduced in the first quarter of the year once this automobile is specialized. For this price with this vehicle, you should not have the label to get less than $ 70,000. This is because in recent years, the many years in the BMW M3 have already been labeled for their very expensive price. You can simply point out that this car is specially designed for people with money, since this 2019 BMW M3 gives you great performance.

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