2019 Ford Focus Concept Reveal News

Thursday, January 25th, 2018 - Ford
2019 Ford Focus Ford Focus Hatch Rs Interior 2017

2019 Ford Focus will travel with an accommodating global base. Almost all Ford vehicles in Sector C use the same basic principles. These models contain Kover / Escape crossover. The car will arrive in 2019, before that, it will be shown throughout the season. By using this software, the overall reach of the tailgate will not be changed. However, it is likely that its wheelbase is longer. As a result, the leg area will likely be as cargo space. With all the current fascination for SUV improvement, Ford’s people should do the best job possible using this particular edition.

Judging by the spies, the next design of the 2019 Ford Focus is more an evolution than a radical change. A certain degree of novelty is evident. The headlights look a little thicker; rounder and less ascending towards the windshield; leaving us with the feeling of a higher cap and more imposing. Grid is programmed in both directions with consumption below. On the side, the C-pillar expands due to the sudden curvature of the top line of the window. This could be a decoy, as far as these fake tail lights on the mule test are the living room and, in fact, the entire back part covered in the extra liner. The sedan prototype reveals a bit more about the tail, including more elegant lights folded at the outside end. Finally, the roof slope of the sedan received an extra dose of aggression, improving its overall shape.

In 2019 Ford Focus is destined for a serious restructuring, because the whole company seems completely new. The vertical ventilation openings are much larger, horizontal, clustered and centrally located, while the information and entertainment screen is now overhead. The center console and lower console no longer merge, and the direction of controller-oriented configuration is also dropped. All that we see is very similar to what we saw with the new Fiesta, which debuted in Europe and has not yet arrived in the United States, if it ever happens.

Although European affairs facilitated the 1-liter engine, the US market was tied to the older 2-liter line 4. Apparently, the 2019 Ford Focus will each have suction engines. Natural with the favor of EcoBoost engines. Therefore, the design of the base through the American company. UU You will get an EcoBoost. It is likely that the compression hose 3 delivers almost 140 horsepower and about 130 lb-ft of torque. This could replace all previous engines and should lead to an effective weakening between performance and fuel consumption.

Ford originally planned to build the 2019 Ford Focus in Mexico, moving the United States treatment, but after the fury woke up, intentions were eliminated. Even better, ironically, will come now from China, and no public anger will reverse it. Because? Because this strategy saved a billion dollars for the Michigan headquarters. Even so, do not expect to benefit from it, as we expect the initial price of about $ 17,000 to be maintained when it comes out in the next year.

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